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Although laminate countertops aren’t the newest or trendiest materials in bathroom design, they are an excellent way to keep your bathroom remodel affordable. They also have a number of advantages over the more expensive alternatives including durability, low maintenance, endless palette of designs and colors and do-it-yourself installation.  Vanitec offers a wide selection of high pressure laminates from the most well-known manufacturers in the industry.

New designs for 2012


Currently, Vanitec offers a square edge profile on all of its laminated countertops, while a backsplash is furnished seperately.  This shape has been chosen for it's clean look with all of our collections.  By utilizing the square edge profile, installation of upper cabinets is a breeze.  Please consult your boutique for further information if a postformed countertop with integrated backsplash is desired.


A laminated countertop will allow the installation of any vessel or drop-in style sink.  It will be necessary for the contracter cut the proper hole in the countertop for the reception of the desired sink.

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