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Experience the warmth and richness only found in natural quartz surfaces - where elegance and beauty meet functionality and long-lasting durability. Vanitec uses only 1 1/4" Cambria® quartz, offering an endless palette of dazzling colors, while showcasing the depth and character of natural stone.









Currently, Vanitec offers a rounded edge profile with a 1/8" radius on all of its worktops. This shape was chosen for its clean appearance which harmonizes with all of our collections. By using the profile rounded edge, installation of upper cabinets is easier. Please consult your store for more information.


When purchasing a Cambria® quartz top from Vanitec, you have the choice of two undermount porcelain sinks. These sinks are available in a very durable gloss white finish and will fit perfectly into your new dressing table. If these options do not meet your needs, Vanitec will happily cut your new quartz top to accommodate the sink style of your choice.

Vanitec's industry standard elliptical bowl, measuring 14" x 17", will be the perfect complement to a new quartz top. Ideal for any of our vanity collections, the OV1316 will fit seamlessly into the decor. A glossy white enamel ensures durability and longevity.  Click here for specifications.

Moving away from the standard ellipse, the rectangular-shaped RE1218 model will bring a feeling of zen calm. Perfectly suited to any contemporary style vanity, the RE1218 maintains the same elegant, clean lines.  Click here for specifications.


What is Cambria®?

Cambria Quartz is an artificial slab composed of 93% quartz and 7% resin, creating a stone-like appearance with exceptional hardness, strength and durability. The mixture of mined quartz in different sizes and colors is combined with advanced polymer resins and a small amount of color. This combination is placed in a mold and compressed under immense pressure, eliminating any voids to create a completely non-porous surface which is then machined and polished.

Is quartz better than granite?

Because of its natural beauty and extraordinary color variation, granite remains a popular option for premium countertops. However, quartz offers some interesting benefits. Granite, composed of only 35 to 45% quartz, is at risk of cracking due to the presence of other softer minerals, irregularities and the absence of resins. As a porous natural stone, granite is susceptible to staining if not properly maintained. Quartz worktops are distinguished by their greater hardness than natural stones, offer more design options, require little maintenance and, thanks to the presence of resins, do not need to be sealed.

Why Cambria® by Vanitec?

When you order a Cambria® top from Vanitec, you can be confident that your countertop will match your vanity perfectly without the need for additional measurements or templates. Each countertop is designed and machined to accommodate one of our available sinks or a sink of your choice. In addition, we are happy to make the necessary drilling to accommodate the faucet of your choice.

How do I maintain my Cambria® countertop?

Due to its non-porous state and various resins, a quartz countertop does not need to be sealed to protect against stains. To clean a quartz countertop, a little mild dish soap and warm water are all you need.Click here to learn more.

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