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Dear partners,

We are pleased to announce that Vanitec MB, recently integrated into the Chagall Group, is preparing to launch a new line of vanities. This collaboration enhances our offerings with the experience and expertise of the Chagall Group, renowned for the creativity of its concepts and innovative approach for over 30 years.

Since the acquisition, significant work has been accomplished. Stay tuned for upcoming innovative designs and advantageous purchasing programs reflecting this strategic union in the coming months.

We are delighted to have Bryan Arel, who continues to play a crucial role as Sales Manager, ensuring stability and personalized follow-up for our valuable partners. Bryan will soon be visiting retailers. In parallel, we enthusiastically welcome Chantal Bergeron as a dedicated customer service representative to address your inquiries. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Each product we launch embodies our shared commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to current market trends. As such, a survey will follow in the coming week, and we strongly encourage you to participate by sharing your ideas to contribute to the creation of our upcoming models.

We look forward to presenting a new collection at the beginning of the year, showcasing a promising collaboration between Vanitec and Chagall. Click here for a preview of our 2024 collection!

Please address your orders to the following email: For more information on ordering procedures, please log in to our website and refer to the "Ordering Procedure" section, or feel free to contact us directly by phone.

Best regards,

The Vanitec MB Team

Acquisition of Vanitec - Innovations, Continuity, and Commitment to Our Partners

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