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Dark palette

Explore our dark-toned vanity, showcasing a Merino Impreza countertop in Caster-colored terrazzo, with a k24 Dalia wood top drawer and a Dolphin Gray-colored lower drawer front.

New Express 
Celeste collection


Light palette

Discover our light-toned vanity, adorned with a Cloud-colored Merino Impreza terrazzo countertop, complemented by a k24 Dalia Wood top drawer and a Sahara Cream-colored lower drawer front.

collection celeste pale comptoir
collection celeste pale

Step - storage

The step stool - versatile storage, is designed to accompany the suspended vanity with style and practicality. This compact piece of furniture provides additional storage space while serving as a safe step stool for children.

Modular pharmacies

Our modular pharmacy offer complete flexibility to meet your unique needs. Choose from our range of medicine cabinets to create the perfect setup to suit you. Personalize your storage space for tailor-made organization, adapted to your lifestyle.

collection celeste pale

Explore the Different Variations

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Download your digital catalog

To assist you in exploring our new Celeste collection, we've crafted a detailed brochure showcasing all available options.

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