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Although laminate countertops are not the newest or trendiest materials in bathroom design, they are a great way to make your bathroom remodel affordable. They also have several advantages over more expensive alternatives, including their durability, easy maintenance, endless palette of designs and colors, and DIY installation. Vanitec offers a wide selection of high pressure laminates from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

Pionite_Decorative laminate


Currently, Vanitec offers a square edge profile on all of its laminate worktops, while a wall protector is supplied separately. This shape was chosen for its refined appearance which harmonizes with all of our collections. By using the square edge profile, installation of upper cabinets is made easier. Please consult your store for further information if you would like a post-formed worktop with integrated wall protection.


A laminate worktop will allow the installation of any vessel or undermount style sink. It will be necessary for the contractor to cut the appropriate hole in the worktop to accommodate the desired sink.

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